Standard Process supplements

Another product we carry at our office is the Standard Process line of supplements, plus their MediHerb line of herbs and herbal tinctures.

Standard Process products are made entirely of whole foods that have been dehydrated or ground up into tablet or capsule form. This may sound strange, but our bodies evolved by getting vitamins and nutrients through natural plant and animal sources, not from sources synthesized in a lab. Therefore, it isn’t just the vitamin itself that is important, but the entire framework and delivery system of, for example, the orange juice and pulp that contains the vitamin C.

Here’s what the Standard Process website has to say:

Nutritional scientists are continually discovering what we at Standard Process have taught and practiced since 1929: Micronutrients, both known and unknown, found only in whole foods are more essential to health than selected vitamins and minerals taken away from their complete food matrix.

Our product formulas contain unique combinations of whole foods (whole plants, animal tissue extracts and concentrates, and botanicals), which contain essential vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals to provide optimal health for your patients. Ingredients are selected for their specific supportive effects in metabolism.

Standard Process and MediHerb products and literature are only available through qualified health care professionals. Their knowledge and experience allows them to recommend both Standard Process products and health regimens that meet each patient’s unique health needs.

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