Supercharge Your Immune System

20 Ways to Supercharge Your Immune System and Prevent Colds and Flu

from Prescription Alternatives by Dr. Earl Mindell

1. Stretching helps your lymphatic system do its job of removing toxins from your body. Be sure to stretch your neck muscles and your torso, and to stretch your arms over your head.


2. Get an extra hour of sleep, or go to bed early with a cuup of chamomile tea and an uplifting book.

3. Zinc lozenges are powerful weapons in the fight against winter colds. Try the variaties with propolis and vitamin C added.

4. The homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum will quickly knock out many kinds of flu. The only way to find out if it will work for what you’ve got is to try it.

5. Reduce the stress in your life through meditation and exercise. Chronic stress depletes your adrenals, which play a vital role in immunity.

6. Stock up on the vitamin C and bioflavoniods. If you feel something coming on, take 1,000mg of vitamin C and a bioflavoniod such as grapeseed, green tea extract, or quercetin every hour.

7. Drink plenty of clean water, which will help your body keep itself detoxified.waterglass

8. Eat plenty of fiber to keep things moving through the digestive system.

9. Eat yogurt once a day for the calcium and beneficial intestinal flora. The friendly bacteria in your intestines are your best weapon against unfriendly bacteria.

10. Skip the candy and soda pop. Try a peice of fruit or some nuts instead.

11. Keep alcohol consumption low. A glass of wine with dinner is fine. More than that and your liver may be diverted from protecting you from illness.

12. Eat your vegetables — fresh and preferably organic.

13. Are you allergic to dairy products? Wheat? Corn? Chronic food allergies can weaken your immune system.

14. Eat more complex carbohydrates and less refined white flour, which causes blood sugar jumps and constipation.

lettuce15. Try shiitake or reishi mushrooms with your veggies — the Chinese use them to bolster the immune system.

16. Take extra care of yourself when you’re under extra stress.

17. If you have a late night or stressful day, balance things out by getting extra rest.

18. If you’re going to be traveling on a plane, take plenty of vitamin C and other cold and flu preventatives for a few days ahead of time.

19. Seek out the company of loved ones or volunteer for someone less fortunate than you.

20. Exercise keeps everything in the body ship-shape, but if you feel weak or tired, don’t push it too hard.


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