Potential Danger Of Calcium Supplements

(article courtesy of Life Extension.org)

William Faloon
William Faloon
As I approach 58 years of age, I am taking even more aggressive steps to slow my rate of aging, like reducing calorie intake and getting in a bit more physical activity. I recently shaved my moustache to modernize my appearance for some TV shows scheduled later this year.

Potential Danger Of Calcium Supplements


One reason I find life so addicting is that virtually every week, new findings either confirm or contradict scientific positions Life Extension® has taken over the past 32 years.

A study published in May 2012 showed that calcium supplements may increase risk of cardiovascular disease. This study tracked almost 24,000 Europeans and suggested (in a subgroup analysis) that people taking only calcium supplements were about twice as likely to have a heart attack.1

We carefully examined this report and found multiple design flaws that clearly skewed the results. But for the purposes of this editorial, I am going to assume this finding is accurate and explain how to protect against deadly calcification processes.

Later in this piece, I’ll reveal startling information as to who really makes the most popular dietary supplements in America.

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