Dr. Thomas H. Kerr is a Chiropractic Physician operating in Charlotte, NC.

Dr. Kerr’s office is located in the Dilworth neighborhood, minutes from uptown, and just three blocks from the East/West Blvd LYNX stop. The following services are currently offered at this office:

  • Palmer Chiropractic adjusting techniques
  • Applied Kinesiology (AK) diagnostic and treatment protocol based on muscle-testing neurological reflexes
  • Clinical acupuncture and ryodoraku-based systems featuring Electro-Meridian Imaging
  • Nutritional assessment using AK and “symptom survey”-based protocols using Standard Process products
  • Foot Levelers custom spinal pelvic stabilizers and orthotics
  • Salivary hormone testing through ZRT labs
  • Blood testing (full spectrum) through Charlotte Area Lab Corp. Facilities
  • Parasite and other specialized lab tests
  • EDTA chelation therapy (for home application)
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